About Us!

 About Lindsay:

I'm 29, a wife, a mom to a busy 4 year old boy and a newborn baby boy, a cookie decorator and an avid reader. YA is my favorite thing to read, but I love all different genres of books. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book EVER. I love TV. Particularly Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Friends, New Girl and Gilmore Girls. I also love movies. A lot.

About Sarah:

I'm 30, a wife, a mom to a (almost) two year old and a lover of books. I enjoy any genre but mostly my heart belongs to YA. Anything by Melina Marchetta is my favorite book. I also enjoy TV. My new favorite show is How to Get Away with Murder (Dean Thomas went from Hogwarts to Law School, ya'll!). Veronica Mars and Son's of Anarchy are my all time favorite TV shows. I also love movies, especially movies adapted from books. 

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