Ratings & Review Policy

What My Ratings Mean:

0 Stars: Did not finish.
1 Star: Meh. I didn't enjoy this book at all.
2 Stars: This book was missing something to make me like it.
3 Stars: This book was good. I liked it, but there were a couple of things I didn't enjoy. I would read the next book if it is part of a series.
4 Stars: I liked this book a lot. I will probably read it again.
5 Stars: I love this book. I will definitely read it again.
5+ Stars: A new favorite!

Review Policy:

I am not currently accepting review requests at the moment.

I will be happy to receive these requests by email at lindsay.self85@gmail.com.

I am primarily a YA Blog. I do occasionally read New Adult, and Adult Fiction. My preferred genres are:
-Paranormal Romance
-Urban Fantasy
-Historical Fiction
-Science Fiction

I will accept self-published novels if it is in the above preferred categories.

I have two kids, ages 4 and a newborn. I do accept children's books for them and will review them (or have my 4 year old tell me his thoughts as well).

I do not accept:
-Biographies or Autobiographies
-Middle Grade

I try to read all the books we're given, however due to the fact that I am a busy mom with a lot of other books on my shelves, I reserve the right to turn down a book review without providing an explanation.

I accept both e-book form and hard copies, though e-books are preferable.

When you contact me, please include:
- Your name
- Your relation to the book (author, publisher, agent, etc)
- A synopsis
- The form of the book you'll be sending (paperback, hardcover, ARC, etc.)
- The book's release date
Our review system is fairly easy. I do not accept compensation for books. I use a numerical rating system as seen above, and I try to be open and honest about what I enjoy and dislike about a book without revealing spoilers if possible. If I accept a book, then we will review it. Reviews will posted here on the blog, on Goodreads, and on Amazon. Reviews will be posted in a timely manner. ARC reviews will be posted no earlier than 3 weeks before and no later than 5 days before the release date. Thanks!

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