Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The YA Prom

Do you have your dress ready? Hair? Shoes? Makeup?

Because it's YA Prom time! 

I totally love this idea that Alexa and Gaby created! All you have to do is pick your date and your dress, and head to prom! Granted, I'm much closer to 30 now than actual prom age, but that didn't stop me from having a blast with this post! So without further ado, here are my selections for my date, dress, shoes, and hair. :)

My date....

None other than the dashing and debonair privateer prince himself, Nikolai STURMHOND!
Was there every any doubt? I did briefly consider taking Hector or Chaol, but in the end, I would love to hang out with this guy for an evening, adventuring, and snarking about all the things.

So what does one wear to prom with a pirate?  
Well, here's my dress pantsuit...
I originally considered doing a dress, but then I figured Sturmhond and I would be getting up to all kinds of hijinx, so I figured I'd be slightly more practical. I mean, who can run around and get up to trouble in a dress? Not me, that's for sure.

Speaking of running...  
I'll need some shoes.
Source: Jimmy Choo
Seeing as how we plan on getting into all kinds mischief, I need some flat shoes to run around in. With Sturmhond's connections, I'm going to have the Fabrikators make sure they are indestructible and extra comfy. ;)

And finally, I'll need my hair to look all pretty. But also functional.  
So here's how I'll fix my hair.
I like the idea of having my hair pulled back (not quite into a ponytail), but still having it be elegant and beautiful. This hairstyle definitely fits the bill.

And because this is what really matters, this is my prom date for life & I at our wedding 7+ years ago:
So that's it! Will I be seeing you at prom? Will I be sharing my date with any of you?


  1. I love that you picked a pants look. So very now! And I have no idea who your date is but that guy is HOT!!!

  2. YES YES all of it! To Sturmhond, the amazing pant suit, the practical yet super amazing flats and finally to that killer hairstyle! Everything is just perfect!

  3. The pantsuit is definitely a good idea with Sturmhond! You never know what he is up to. The hairstyle is perfection!


  4. I love that you picked a pantsuit! I haven't read this series yet, but I feel like this would be perfect to wear if he's a pirate! And your hair pick is gorgeous!

    My YA Prom 2014!

  5. This is so cute! I wasn't a fan of prom when I was in high school (I went, but I'd rather have been playing soccer or something), but it sounds much better with a fictional boyfriend and when you can wear a pantsuit!

  6. I love this YA Prom! Those shoes are just gorgeous and that dress:) Also I love that you included your own real life prom picture:)

    Check my YAProm out @

  7. I loved the choices you went with. Definitely want flexibility of movement with the dress and shoes if you're swashbuckling and otherwise raising a ruckus. Man he's smoking hot....