Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swashbuckling Summer: Pirate Flag Matchup

Are you ready for some fun? Before diving into all the books and movie related pirate stuff, I wanted to start off with a little real life pirate knowledge.

Did you know that not all pirate flags are the same?
This is the one that you are probably used to seeing (The Jolly Roger):

Originally, red flags were simply flown showing that the ship would show no quarter. From there it developed into each pirate creating his own flag. Your challenge? To see if you can match up the flag with the famous notorious pirate. Are you ready?

1.                                                                                          A. Thomas Tew

2.                                                                                         B. Bartholomew Roberts (1)

3.                                                                                         C. Edward "Blackbeard" Teach

4.                                                                                         D. Stede Bonnet "The Gentleman Pirate"

5.                                                                                         E. Edward Low

6.                                                                                         F. John Avery

7.                                                                                         G. Christopher Condent

8.                                                                                          H. Richard Worley

9.                                                                                          I. Edward England

10.                                                                                         J. Jack Rackham

11.                                                                                          K. Bartholomew Roberts (2)

Hope you enjoyed my pirate flag quiz! Thanks for playing!

Highlight for answers
>>1. F    2. K   3. B    
4. J     5. G    6. E  
7. C   8. I     9. D  

10. H     11. A<<
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  1. SO FUN! I got two right. I always remember Blackbeard's and I also remembered Thomas Tew. He was from Rhode Island, where I used to live.
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  2. Love it! I knew Blackbeard's from writing up my post, but I'd never seen any of the others!