Friday, July 18, 2014

Swashbuckling Summer: Princess Bride Day!

First off, let's ignore the fact that I've in no way actually kept up with the posting schedule I made for myself at the beginning of this event, okay? We'll all be happier that way.

But since I've neglected you all, I'm here to add a lovely parting gift to the giveaway. And since I haven't posted anything since last week's movie break, I may as well offer up another movie for you all to watch. Tonight's feature is the amazingness that is...

The Princess Bride

That's right, another awesome 80s movie coming your way! But instead of once again regaling you with vague facts and begging you to watch this movie right away, I'm going to discuss the book! That's right, this here 80s classic is actually based on a novel of the same name by William Goldman.

You guys did know this was a book, yes? I'm fairly certain I'd watched this movie countless times before I found out that it was based on a book. So, I finally took it upon myself to read it and compare it to the movie for Swashbuckling Summer fun times.

(SIDENOTE for other movie geeks: Did you know that William Goldman also wrote the screenplay for Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid? {I love, love, love that movie, btw} As well as Misery, Maverick and quite a few others. And since I'm talking about screenplays and pirates, he wrote one based on Blackbeard and Bonet that was to feature Sean Connery and Roger Moore. It was deemed to expensive to produce. I would've LOVED to see that movie. Especially starring two of the best Bonds ever. END SIDENOTE)

I was, quite honestly, expecting there to be quite a few changes from the book to the movie adaptation, because there always are. But there really wasn't. Sure there was information left out-especially about Fezzik and Inigo-but it didn't really add too much to the narrative. Just some basic backstory (Fezzik started fighting others when he was only 6, and hated it; Inigo's travels to become a master swordfighter after the 6 finger man killed his father). A minor change takes part in the Fire Swamp. I was glad to see the ROUSes, and the fire, but the lightning sand has a different name (which I am totally blanking on right now!). The biggest change, which I think was probably a wise change for the movie, was the name of the Pit of Despair. In the book it is called the Zoo of Death. I'm glad they changed it aren't you? Especially as this is more of a kids book, I'm pretty sure I don't want something being referred to as the Zoo of Death around my kiddo.

Quite possibly the most interesting part of the entire book to me was how it was supposedly an abridgement of a book by S. Morgenstern. A person who, in fact, Goldman made up (as is the entire country of Florin, FYI). There was never another edition of The Princess Bride. It's a unique story telling device, and one that Goldman accentuates throughout the book by use of Italics. Another literary device Goldman uses is parentheticals. He often takes a moment to explain something-even his own thoughts or how a word may not have been used during that time. It adds even more dimension to an ever-intriguing story.

And then at the end of the book, there's Buttercup's Baby. You really just need to read all of that part for yourself. I don't even know what to say about it, other than the fact that Goldman is a mad genius.

Having seen the movie so many times (I can't even tell you how many), it was fun to see the story again in writing, and picturing some of my favorite movie scenes as I was reading.

And now, a giveaway! Enter the rafflecopter below to win a copy of the book AND the movie!

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  1. Totally want to re-read it, now! It's been forever! Um, but I would have LOVED to see Sean Connery as Blackbeard! Haha!

    Love this. :)

  2. Ha! You're asking a bookahloic ;) I would take my whole family to vacation and buy lots of books.

  3. I'd move out of the ghetto and then buy signed first printings of my favorite books. And travel a lot.

  4. I'm the boring girl and I would totally pay off my student loans. lol

  5. I would use half of it responsibly and the other half to spoil the crap out of myself and my loved ones.

  6. Pay for college and buy a bookstore!

  7. Get a new ipad. A treasure chest full would just about cover it, right?

  8. A copy of the book, yay!! I'd be so happy if I got it! About the pirate gold, I'd probably travel the world on and adventurous vacation... and buy more books too,ha!

  9. I LOVE these movies but don't own either and I've never read the book! Crazy!