Monday, January 6, 2014

Top 10 Bookish Resolutions

Once again, it's just me (Lindsay) this week. And yet again I'll be ignoring the "ten" part of this challenge. But this week it's because I don't have 10 (instead of the other weeks when I list way, way more than 10).

Here are my bookish goals for this year:

Read more books outside of the YA category

Read more contemporary novels. I love fantasy/sci-fi. But Rainbow Rowell has taught me to appreciate the contemporary genre.

Review as many books as I can and improving my reviewing skills.

Become more active in the book blogging word and interact with other bloggers via blog comments and twitter.

Complete my Goodreads Challenge (which shouldn't be hard. I actually think I went way low). Here's where I am only 6 days into the year:

And.... that's it. That's all I got. What are some of your resolutions?


  1. Great list you have there! Your goal of reading is so ambitious!! Good luck on your quest & Happy New Year!
    My TTT

    Xoxo. Daisel @ Owl Always Be Reading

  2. I love contemporary YA, too. Funny enough, I just ordered two Rowell novels from Amazon. Can't wait to read them.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I wasn't a huge fan of the contemporary genre before but Rainbow Rowell is one of the authors that taught me to appreciate it more. Good luck on your goals! :)
    My TTT

  4. I really like your goals for the coming year! So many of them mirror my own, particularly the review writing & blog community participation. Here's to a good year for both of us on those fronts!

  5. I want to read more out the YA category also! I don't usually but I need to find some more New Adult and Adult to read.
    Great list.
    Em @