Monday, January 20, 2014

Top Ten Things on Our Reading Wishlist

Right before Christmas we made a list of the things Santa should bring us. Since he's magic, we asked him to bring us all kinds of crazy stuff, some of which would also fit in with this week's Top Ten.

Lindsay's Selections:
 I thought this would be a little more difficult for me, but once I got going, I didn't have too hard of a time thinking about things I'd want to read about, so here goes:

1. Epilogues or basically books going on forever and ever telling me how my favorite book characters live happily ever after. I want to know everything. I want to know that my OTPs get married and have lots of babies. I don’t even care if its anything major. I just want to know.  I mean, who doesn’t want to read about little Darcy kids running all over Pemberley? Or what really happened with June and Day after they had dinner at the end of Champion? **insert favorite book here that you desperately want to know more about how they lived happily ever after** (This extends to TV shows, do you hear me Gilmore Girls and Doctor Who alternate universe where Duplicate 10 and Rose are living? I need more.) 

The books that have done this I really appreciate, like The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Pretty sure “All was well.” Was a brilliant ending for a series.

            2. I mentioned this in my Santa post, but I would like it if JK Rowling would just keep writing novels in the Harry Potter universe. Companion novels, prequels, whatever she wants to write, I’ll read it.

      3.  Book Soundtracks. As I mentioned in my post for This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales, I would love to have the music that is mentioned in books. And if there’s no music specifically mentioned, then the music that inspired certain scenes. Sarah J. Maas listed a bunch of songs that she listened to when writing Heir of Fire. If these were available for actual purchase, I’d buy!

      4.  Since I can just ask for whatever I want in this post, I would like the option to purchase all the books in a series for immediate reading, even though they haven’t been published yet. I’d put down some serious cash to read Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo, Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, and Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Even better if I could just binge read them all when I want, meaning I would have read each book in the series as soon as I finished the previous one. Essentially, I want to be a hermit who never leaves the house because I’m constantly reading. (Blame this on Netflix and Amazon Prime. I’ve become a serious binge-watcher of TV shows. In fact, the amount of books I’ve been reading has gone way down since Veronica Mars came on Amazon Prime. It’s all I want to do).

      5.  My love of Dystopian novels is no secret. I LOVE them. I’m in no way tired of reading about them yet. So what I would love to read more about is what things have happened leading up to the world I’m currently reading about. Often times we’ll get glimpses, but I always want to know more. Why was the Capitol formed in The Hunger Games? Why is there a caste system in Pawn? What caused all the global issues in The Legend Trilogy? More about the world in which Juliette, Warner & Adam are living in the Shatter Me Trilogy? I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Sarah's Selections:

I could go on and on about my reading wish list. I already covered this subject a bit with the Top Ten Books I hoped Santa would bring me from our TTT in December. Here are a few more ...

1. I need more of the World of Witchcraft and Wizardry in my life. It would be fantastic if J.K. Rowling would write about the original Order of the Phoenix. Which brings me to ...

2. I want more Minerva McGonagall. She is by far one of my favorite HP characters. I would love to read about her life before Harry Potter. 

3. Suzanne Collins, can you please write a book about life before and during the uprising? I just gotta have the whole story. How did the districts come to be? Was the Capital always so eccentric? Why the uprising? I have so many questions!!!

4. The Darkling from The Grisha Trilogy. Can I get more information, please? I mean, he's been around for hundreds of years right? So I need to know more about him, like why he turned out the way he did. Has he ever been in love? I need Darkling romance. 

5. We all know how much I love Melina Marchetta. Just in case you need a reminder ... I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I also LOVE time travel novels. So what would be better than a book about time travel by my favorite author?! Her fantasy trilogy is so rich and imaginative so I really believe a time travel novel from her would be a-mah-zing!

Thanks for stopping by! What's on your wish list?


  1. Great thoughtful choices :-)

  2. Ooh, I'd really love to read about a book building up to the Dystopian world! I think that would be so cool! It would answer so many questions and truly be "world building!" :)

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT list!

    Alice @ Alice in Readerland

  3. Having book soundtracks would be sooo cool! I love it when I am reading a book and then I hear a song that seems to fit perfectly. When I was reading The Scarlet Letter for school, I heard the song "Demons", by Imagine Dragons, on the radio, and it was like hearing an interpretation of the book. Also, I love the idea of Suzanne Collins writing about life pre-Hunger Games. Amazing list!
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  4. I could always hear more about Harry Potter - I think this is the only series where I can never get enough and I'll never get tired of hearing more about it! And I'm not a fan of dystopias, but that's mostly because I'm tired of not getting enough of the "before" and understanding how these dystopias came to be, so I definitely agree with you!

  5. Great list! I really like your one about the epilogues. I want to know EVERYTHING about my OTP. Do they get married? What's the wedding like? Do they have kids, how many, what are their names? Thanks for stopping by!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  6. yes to book soundtracks!! i also love epilogues, but hate the idea of paying $3 for 70 pages. that killlls me, but i usually get suckered in because I HAVE TO KNOW HOW THEY ARE DOING. haha

    also--- awesome idea on wanting more info on the darkling-- seriously, what's his deal?? i want to know!!